Are Airbnb guest reviews considered in the risk rating?

No, Airbnb guest reviews are not considered in the risk rating. Here's why:

In short: No. Because Autohost was designed to be a non-biased screening system, we only use objective parameters. We don’t rely on guest reviews as you can’t control them, verify their validity, or even systematically identify whether they’re good or bad. Plus, most professional managers have automatic reviews enabled, which can be misleading. Often, hosts are afraid to leave honest, bad reviews due to retaliation.
Guest reviews are, however, very valuable. When Autohost flags a reservation as high-risk/for manual review, based on systematic verifications, your business rules (instructions to your team) should absolutely include logging into Airbnb and reading the reviews. These can help you determine whether it’s a guest you’d like to trust and ‘Accept', or whether you should ‘Decline’ them.