Authority Reporting Screen

Learn how to set up Authority Reporting for your Guest Portal.

What we'll cover:

What is authority reporting?

Feature highlights

Setting it up


What is authority reporting?

This feature helps property managers and hoteliers comply with local regulations that require the registration and collection of guest travel documents.

Feature highlights

  • Support for multiple regions

  • Internationalization support

  • Customizable fields for each region

  • Form is automatically filled from other Guest Portal screens for easier UX

Setting it up

Step 1

  1. Enable the Authority Reporting screen in Guest Portal (Guest Portal > Screens > Authority Reporting).
  2. Select the checkboxes for all risk colors and click SAVE.


Step 2

  1. Click on the Authority Reporting link to configure the screen.
  2. Click ADD REGION.

  3. In the fields provided, add a country and a minimum age (for data collection).

  4. Turn the toggle on if you want to collect info from all guests over the minimum age.


  5. Click ADD FIELD to add all of the fields you need to collect.


  6. Click SAVE.

Here's an example of the Authority Reporting screen in the Guest Portal:



Currently, daily reports will be sent to Autohost users via email to their notifications address or primary login address.


Daily reports are summarized and sent every day at 2:00 UTC (for the previous day).