Background Check Screen

Learn about the 'Background Check' screen in the Guest Portal:

Autohost provides the option of conducting background checks on reservations of your choosing. As such, you can have the 'Background Check' screen triggered for all risk colors, or just orange or red.  The background check consists of a thorough criminal record check and search of the guest's social media and booking history. 

Even if you don't have the background check screen enabled for a given risk color, you can still run a background check on the guest after they've gone through the Guest Portal.

Our background checks are FCRA-compliant. As required by law, the guest will be prompted to explicitly consent to one, logging their IP address and validating their ID and address.
We comb through 280k databases to aggregate the most amount of data and provide an accurate picture of someone's registered offenses. We can do partial matches, SIN checks and even credit reports for longer-term stays.
Here's a list of checks we perform:
  • Public Criminal Records (Canada)
  • US National Criminal Record Check
  • International Criminal Record Check
  • Adverse Media
  • Sex Offender Registries
  • Public Safety Check
  • SEC Violation Scan
  • High Risk Fraud Scan
  • Global Sanctions
  • Global Clearance Check & Enforcement Check (OFAC)
  • Public Social Media Check
  • Alias’ and Identity Cross Checks
Please note: It is the operator's responsibility to abide by FCRA disclosure rules, giving your guest the ability to challenge the result, when applicable.

What the guest sees: