How do I customize my check-in instructions template on Autohost to include a static door lock code?

Speed up your pre-check-in process by using the custom fields feature at the listing level.

Activation Steps:

  1. On Autohost, go to Listings, and click on the listing for which you use a static door lock code.

  2. Go to Custom Fields, and click + ADD FIELD.

  3. Under Field Name, enter the "door_lock_code".

  4. Under Field Value, enter the access code for this specific listing. 

  5. Click SAVE.

  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each listing that uses a static door lock code

  7. Next, go to Guest Portal > Messages

  8. Click on "Check-in Instructions." Under the Listing variables header, you will see the field you just created.

  9. Copy and paste the field (including the brackets) into your message copy. Make sure to remove blank spaces when copying it.

  10. Revise the message for spelling and grammar, and click Save

  11. Good job! Contact your Autohost Account Manager if you would like us to review it and provide suggestions.