How do payment processing fees work?

Autohost payment processing is completed alongside our partnership with Stripe. Fees may apply from either or both sides, depending on the payment context.

Payment processing fees apply when a charge is placed. Fees would not apply for a payment hold but would apply in the event that a charge is placed on a guests’ card. Examples of this may include ancillary fees (early check-in, etc), or for a charged security deposit.



To our knowledge, Stripe does not charge hosts for holding a charge on the guest's credit card. Processing fees apply when payment is "captured" and moved to their account. 

Visit this article from Stripe for more details:

While they do not charge for holds, fees may apply when a payment is charged (including security deposits, damage waiver, ancillary fees) in accordance with your fee schedule and / or contract with Stripe.



There is a processing fee applied by Autohost for charged payments which would be $5 USD for transactions above (greater than) $25, or $0.50 for transactions under (less than) $25. Again, these would apply in cases of charged security deposits, damage waiver, ancillary fees, etc.


A credit card authorization can fail for many reasons. Learn about them by reading this informative article written by Stripe: Decline codes