How to import new Listings and Reservations

Learn how to import new Listings and pre-existing Reservations from your PMS into Autohost

Table of Contents

  1. How to import new listings

  2. How to import pre-existing reservations


How to import new listings

1. On Autohost, go to Screening Assistant > Import. Next, click Start Import under Import Listings.

Autohost - Import Listings


2. Now, go to the Listings page, and search for the newly imported listing(s). To activate the listings, select the checkbox next to its name, click Bulk Edit, and then click Set Listings as ACTIVE.



3. On your PMS account, ensure that the new listings are assigned or associated with the Autohost-specific workflow or message template or trigger (note: names vary based on PMS). If you require help on this step, please contact your Autohost Customer Success Manager. 


4. To import your pre-existing reservations, click Start Import under Import Reservations. This will give you the ability to screen upcoming reservations.

Note: Reservations that come in after the listing is enabled will go through the regular Autohost flow.


How to import pre-existing reservations

1. Once a new listing(s) is enabled, go to Screening Assistant > Import. Next, click Start Import under Import Reservations. Please note the following: 

  • This action will import reservations with a future check-in date that were confirmed prior to enabling the listing on Autohost. On the Reservations page, you will be able to view all of your upcoming reservations.

  • Each of these reservations will run through the basic screening and risk assessment, which will then prompt Autohost to generate a Guest Portal link.


2. After importing your pre-existing reservations, you have two options for how to handle them:

  • Manually review these reservations, and click Approve to approve them. This, however, means that the guest does not have to complete the Guest Portal and will therefore not have their reservation verified.

  • Send a copy of the booking confirmation message to the guest (this message will include the Guest Portal link).


Below is our suggested copy for the booking confirmation message:

Subject: Your Upcoming Stay: Confirm Your Reservation.


Hi <first_name>,

We look forward to your upcoming stay!


Check-In: <check_in>

Checkout: <check_out>

We have recently updated our guest screening system. Please take a moment to verify your reservation by visiting our guest portal and filling out the requested information:<reservation_id>

We ask that you complete the Guest Portal as soon as possible in order to promptly receive your check-in instructions.


Your host


Note: Be sure to use the correct variables and format, as per your PMS.

Once that’s complete, the messages for these reservations will now be queued into your guest communication flow. This means that they will receive automated reminders to complete the Guest Portal. Once the guest has completed the Guest Portal, and Autohost marks their reservation as "Verified", the guest will receive the check-in instructions.