How to import new listings and reservations

Find out how to import a new listing and pre-existing reservations into your PMS

The steps you need to take when adding a new listing to your PMS:

1. In your Autohost account, under Screening Assistant, click to import listings:

Autohost - Import Listings

2. Under Listings, search for the newly imported listing(s) and toggle on to enable.

3. Next, set up the "new flow" of automated messages in your PMS (check out this guide if you're having trouble).

4. Finally, you will need to import all of your pre-existing reservations into Autohost, regardless of when they made their booking, to ensure your future guests are properly screened.

Note: Reservations that come in after the listing is enabled will go through the regular Autohost flow.

How to import pre-existing reservations

1. Once a new listing(s) is enabled, go back to the Screening Assistant. Under Import, click "Start Import" to begin importing your reservations.

  • This will import any reservations with a future check-in date that were confirmed prior to enabling the listing on Autohost. In the Reservations tab, you should see a complete view of all of your upcoming bookings.

  • Each of these reservations will run through the basic screening and risk assessment, generating a Guest Portal link that can be used to send these guests through the same flow as all future bookings.

2. After importing your pre-existing reservations, you have two options for how to handle them:

  • You can manually review these reservations and click to "Approve" them. This, however, means that the guest does not have to complete the guest portal and will therefore not be properly verified.
  • Or you can send the guest a copy of the booking confirmation message (which includes a link to the Guest Portal).

Here's our suggested wording for the booking confirmation message:


Your upcoming stay: Confirm Your Reservation.



Hi <first_name>,

We look forward to your upcoming stay!


Check-In: <check_in>

Checkout: <check_out>

We have recently updated our system, so please take a moment to verify your reservation by visiting our guest portal and filling out the necessary info:<reservation_id>

Note that you will not be able to receive your check-in instructions or access the property otherwise, so please do so as soon as possible.


Your host


Note: Make sure you use the proper variables and format, as per your PMS.

Once that’s done, these guests will become part of the regular flow, meaning they’ll receive automated reminders if the Guest Portal hasn’t been completed, and they will not receive the check-in instructions until their Autohost status has been "Verified".