What is Stargate?

What is Stargate? Why do we need it?

Autohost Stargate is an email relay system. It's an important part of the messaging flow. This is because Stargate acts as a gatekeeper; it has the ability to receive (or generate) messages, and it can decide whether to send the message to the guest or hold off. 
Messages are released to the guest if necessary conditions have been met. 

For example:

  • Reminder Messages: should only be sent if the Autohost Guest Portal has not been completed yet.

  • Check-in Instructions: should only be sent to the guest if their reservation has been verified or approved.

Currently, most PMS only allow for time-based triggers, not event-based triggers. With Stargate, we've created a way to overcome these limitations. We can dismiss reminder messages if the Guest Portal has already been completed, hold off on check-in instructions until the guest is verified, etc.
In some cases, the native messaging in your PMS will have functionality to account for all necessary conditions, and Autohost Stargate may be skipped. Look for the Messaging Setup instructions for your specific PMS for more details.