Why is the ID upload failing?

Here's what to do if your guest is having issues uploading their ID.

When the ID upload fails, there are three common issues:

  1. Low-resolution image (poor camera quality)
  2. The guest's document doesn't properly fit into the frame (which prevents the AI from reading the security features and bar codes) 
  3. A glare on the image (which prevents the AI from reading sections of the document like the address or person's name)
Encourage the guest to try uploading their ID again. If they're having issues accessing their mobile camera, they'll be shown a step-by-step guide to enabling camera permissions.
Important: Under Guest Portal → ID Verification, you can adjust the number of failed upload attempts the guest is allowed. 

Note: Autohost's ID Verification now requires guests to complete the ID verification and provide a selfie. In the event the guest is unable to upload or take a photo of their ID, they will skip ahead to the selfie screen.

What to do if the ID upload fails

Due to limitations out of our control, we can't always capture a quality photo for proper ID verification. Regardless, we will still provide the most recent upload for your manual review. We recommend looking closely at the name, date of birth and expiration date on the document. Check for any discrepancies and compare the photo on the ID with the guest's selfie.

Do we still charge if the ID upload fails?

If, for whatever reason, the ID upload quality isn’t sufficient to run our in-depth analysis and verification, you will not be charged. This goes for any other Autohost feature—we only charge you if the verification is completed.