You're Live... Now What?

You're live on Autohost! Find out what comes next and learn about our guest-screening process.

Your 'Batch 1' listings are enabled, we ran the import... now what?
In Autohost, the ongoing process involves addressing all items that require attention in order to ensure every guest who approaches check-in has been verified.
The most important thing to note is that the sending of check-in instructions is now dependent on the guest being either “verified” (by successfully completing the guest portal, with no flagged reasons for concern), or “approved” by the property manager (when you manually APPROVE a guest upon reviewing their reservation details.)
So, on an ongoing basis, your team should:
  • Assess all reservations that get flagged for "review" and make a decision (clicking to APPROVE / DECLINE.) 
    Note: Even if a reservation is far in advance, the point is to review the guest and either 'APPROVE’ them or ‘DECLINE’ and cancel them. If you decide to decline, it's best to do so ASAP. Process the cancellation to free up your calendar for new bookings.
  • Review any reservations where the check-in date is approaching but the status is still "pending" (which means the Guest Portal has not been completed.) If this is the case, you can either contact the guest, encouraging them to complete the portal, or have your team assess the reservation and make a judgment call to manually ‘APPROVE’ (or ‘DECLINE’) them. Until you do this, the check-in instructions will not be sent.
If a reservation is flagged for review, you'll be able to see the specific items that were flagged and the reason for review. From there, you can make a decision, based on your business practices, as to how to proceed.
Remember: If you choose to ‘DECLINE’ a guest on Autohost, it will simply prevent the check-in instructions from sending. It is up to your team to then cancel the reservation through the booking platform.