Viewing your reservations

Learn about the reservations tab and how to examine individual reservations.

You'll find all of your reservations under the Reservations tab. These are sorted by date, either by  nearest or furthest check-in. Once you've selected a specific reservation, these are the sections you'll see:

Details: Here you'll find all the details surrounding the reservation, including the verification status, Screening Assistant results, Guest Portal results and more. 

Summary: The summary tab provides an overview of the reservation, specifying which verifications might require attention.  

Stargate: The Stargate tab display of all messages that pass through Autohost's system. If the message has been released to the guest, it will appear under Logs. If the message is still in queue, waiting for the guest to be verified, it will appear under Queued messages. To learn more about Stargate, click here.

Links: In this list, you'll find the links to each screen in the Guest Portal. If for whatever reason a guest needs to revisit a screen, you can send them its dedicated link. (You might do this if the guest needs to update their credit card information, edit contact details, etc.)

Important note: Do not follow these links unless absolutely necessary. Doing so might impact the risk analysis.